Eligibility Check

Let’s start by checking your eligibility to participate in our program.


Pearlcoin Group is a charity, meaning we are not funded by the federal government. As a Section501(c)(3) non-profit serving children, we must have certain documentation to provide a child with a hairpiece. Please help us by gathering these supportive documents for the application:

  1. The Pearlcoin Group Medical Information Form signed by your medical professional
  2. Prescription for ‘cranial prosthesis’ OR a referral letter stating diagnosis from your medical practitioner
  3. Legal age document (copy of one of the following are acceptable: birth certificate, passport, state ID)
  4. Current color picture of child
  5. Color picture of child prior to hair loss or picture of a hairstyle they’d ideally like to wear

Once you’ve gathered the package of documents, please mail to:

Attn: Recipient Department

24231 Center Ridge Road

Westlake OH 44145

Note: We can’t consider your application until we receive these documents from you. Please make every effort to provide the documentation right away. We want to begin helping your child as soon as possible.

Is the Pearlcoin Group service the solution I am looking for? Is it right for my child?

Our hair replacement systems are designed to conceal complete hair loss or minimal hair growth due to medical reasons, including therapy treatments (e.g., chemotherapy, radiation), damage to the scalp caused by burns, scarring, alopecia, or trichotillomania. If your child suffers from partial hair loss, an evaluation will help us determine if our full cap solution can meet their needs. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us here.