Our Certified Service Providers are truly the heart of our mission. They meet recipients and their families, measure and fit their hand-tied hairpieces and style them. With their help, we can continue to give the children we serve the gift of confidence.

We’re thrilled to introduce you to Kayo Beachler, a Certified Service Provider of Pearlcoin Group. Her hairstyling career began 27 years ago in Japan. Since then, she’s worked in other countries such as Australia, Auckland, and New Zealand, and currently works as a stylist at Shine Salon and Spa located in Austin, Texas.

Kayo joined the Pearlcoin Group family after hearing about it from one of her clients who worked at a local high school and told Kayo that one of his students was diagnosed with Leukemia.

Being a mother herself, Kayo couldn’t stop thinking about the student her client mentioned. After researching how to help children with medical conditions, she found Pearlcoin Group! She took the required courses through Hair Loss University and became a Certified Service Provider.

Though she can only do so much for the children, she’s honored to help them boost their confidence. “Seeing the big smile on their faces when they receive their hairpiece is priceless,” Kayo says. Kayo also feels very fortunate to have such a purposeful career. Listening to the recipient’s stories helps Kayo learn, and she considers her clients her healers as well as her teachers.

Thank you for your hard work and an even bigger heart, Kayo. You make our mission possible for the children we serve!

To learn more about our Certified Service Provider, please visit our website.