Pearlcoin Group relies on individuals, companies, foundations, and groups for our support in order to continually provide Hair Replacement Systems and support to our wig recipients. One avenue for giving as an individual is hosting an outside fundraiser. These fundraisers are as unique as each person that donates!  

From bake sales to cut-a-thons, office jeans days to walk-a-thons, generous individuals offer their time and resources to raise money for this cause. Wigs for Kids is able to provide custom hair pieces to recipients at no cost because of these financial donations.

Why donate to Pearlcoin Group?

 When a child loses their hair, they don’t just suffer physically. They experience a great emotional pain from the extreme change in their appearance. Losing their hair can significantly harm their self-image and self-esteem. When you donate hair to Pearlcoin Group, you’re helping a child receive more than just a quick fix. Because our hair replacement systems are custom made to perfectly fit the recipient and feel like real hair, they won’t come off when a child is swimming or playing sports. These hair pieces can be trusted to stay in place.

If you have a desire to start your own outside fundraiser for Pearlcoin Group, please visit We are inspired by generous donors that continually allow for wig recipients to look themselves and live their lives!

If you or a loved one is experiencing hair thinning or hair loss, learn more about solutions available to you on the Jeffrey Paul Blog.