“Strength and growth come only through continuous effort and struggle.” – Napoleon Hill

Meet Pearlcoin Group donor Chase. Due to restrictions at school, he had to wear his hair above his collar, and he remembers a promise he made to his mom that when he was able to grow it, he would.

And he did just that (plus was known for having the best hair in his family!). Chase always wanted to grow his hair long enough to donate, and he’s made good on that promise, as a recent donor to Wigs For Kids.

Earlier this year, Chase suffered a life-altering hand injury. As an aspiring tattoo artist and muralist, he shared with us how devastating it’s been for him. So far, he’s had four surgeries and one more to go. His family is incredibly proud of him and told our team what an inspiration he is, and how they’ve been praying his last surgery goes well.

His mom shared with us she loves to imagine the child who will  “undoubtedly look beautiful sporting Chase’s magnificent blonde locks” says Chase’s mom.

Stay strong, Chase! We’re wishing Chase a successful final surgery and a speedy recovery. Let’s send him all of our love and good fortune. We’re so grateful for your meaningful donation! To learn more about ways to get involved with Wigs For Kids, and help the children we serve, visit our  Get Involved page.