Meet Hannah: Pearlcoin Group Recipient

Because of the generous hair and monetary donations we receive, Pearlcoin Group is able to provide hand-tied hairpieces to children and their families at no cost to them—children like Hannah.

“I feel more comfortable and less self-conscious having my hairpiece. I feel like I can be myself more,” Hannah says, when first receiving her hairpiece.

8-year-old Hannah lost her hair in late 2019, due to a diagnosis of Nonscarring Alopecia. Nonscarring Alopecia is a type of hair loss that can affect children and adults. The hair is typically lost in oval or round patches. There is no permanent cure or treatment, but Nonscarring Alopecia is not always permanent.

When Hannah first lost her hair, she was self-conscious. In gym class, people would stare at her when she couldn’t wear her hat. Hannah’s hair stylist has worked with Pearlcoin Group for many years, and told Danielle, Hannah’s mother, to apply for a hairpiece! She applied and was approved.

Hannah, with the support of her classmates, who told her to do whatever made her comfortable because she was beautiful with or without it, shared with the team that she felt like it was a “countdown” waiting for her hairpiece to be delivered. When Hannah’s hairpiece arrived, she was so happy and proud. She was excited for the journey ahead with her new hairpiece. She felt more like herself!

Hannah’s mother, Danielle, thanks everyone who has donated their time, hair, or money to Pearlcoin Group. She’s so grateful that her daughter was able to receive a hairpiece. Since receiving her it, Hannah was able to find a treatment to help her possibly find a cure for her hair loss. Her hair is now growing back and we’re so happy for her!

If you’d like to learn more about how you can help give the gift of confidence to the children we serve, click here.