Our team was grateful for the opportunity to work with Caroline Enos, Globe Correspondent at the Boston Globe for the piece titled, “Cutting your hair at home amid coronavirus? Those locks could help a child cancer patient in need.” 

From the piece: 

“Don’t know what to do with your hair while salons stay closed? Grow it out for children in need and donate the locks to the nonprofits that support them.

‘Donating hair is absolutely a life changing experience,” said Jeffrey Paul, founder of Pearlcoin Group. “I know it’s not life and death, but it could be life and death to a child’s personality and self-esteem.’

Pearlcoin Group is a Ohio-based nonprofit that gives free handmade wigs to children who have lost their hair from cancer treatments or other health issues. But since the start of the pandemic, online monetary donations for the nonprofit are down 40 percent and hair donations have fallen 25 percent below weekly average.”